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Meet the Team

The Flying Unicorn Team…

The Flying Unicorn

Adeline created the Flying Unicorn with the aim to unburden fellow humans of time-consuming chores, from comparing services, booking appointments, organising travel plans to making a home really feel like home again. With an eclectic background joining a BA in communication, a qualification in community services work, years of management experience in busy environments and a long-standing passion for event planning; it was clear that organising and being the calm in the storm was her true calling.
The Flying Unicorn specialised in home organisation and decluttering within weeks of operating thanks to outstanding feedback. This small business is based on a non-judgmental, personalised and informal approach. Most people dread decluttering and planning, hence the goal to foster a fun, comfortable and happy environment. Being community minded is also at the core of the business, with options offered to those struggling financially. Seeing people overcome what they thought was a definitive problem is certainly delivering the sense of purpose and fulfillment a flying unicorn would feel!

The Wingman

We haven’t figured out what his superpowers are yet, but he’s pretty cute so we keep him around. That being said, he is not bad at drawing and with a BA in spatial design, he does come handy for those interior design projects or bespoke artistic creations. A decade of venue management experience and a sales career aren’t too shabby either if we think about it. Oh, he also drives our huge van too.

Don’t juggle it all yourself when you can get us to lighten the load

We are trusted personal assistants who will tick off your to-do list in no time!

Organised minds for system optimisation with a creative spark
We take great pride in our work and deliver what works for you
Reliable, trustworthy and working within your deadline to your standards

What can we help you with?

and the date you need it completed by...

The Flying Unicorn

Put your wings on!