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The Flying Unicorn

Need help getting organised?

What is a Flying Unicorn?

A mystical creature who loves what you hate & takes the boring out of your life with a smile!


A magical helper – organising, decluttering, research & more…

We’ve got you covered!


Our clients say…

Don’t try to do it all yourself when you can hire us…

We are trusted personal assistants with 10+ years experience

Best organisers around
We take great pride in our work
Reliable & driven to hit goals
Life’s lovely when stress is removed…

Home, life & corporate concierge services

We organise and declutter like it’s nobody’s business! We also research anything about everything, organise the impossible, make magic happen and shine bright on whatever you need help with. Can never find the right spice in your pantry? Bought an extra screwdriver rather than going through the garage to locate the one you already own? Running out of wardrobe space but cannot quite decide what to let go of? You’re in luck, that is our specialty! We work with you to make home feel like home again!

The Flying Unicorn thrive where others fail…

We can help with almost anything, as long as it’s legal

and the date you need it completed by...

Let’s get your life back on track…

Hire me for your next project

The Flying Unicorn

Put your wings on!