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What we do

The Flying Unicorn Services…

Home Organisation & Decluttering

Admin, travel, bookings & more

Shopping, sales, small moves & more

Unicorn to Business Corporate Services

The House Special – Home Organisation & Decluttering

Can never find the right spice in your pantry? Bought an extra screwdriver rather than going through the garage to locate the one you already own? Running out of wardrobe space but cannot quite decide what to let go of? Procrastinating to avoid going through that massive pile of paperwork on your desk? Cannot quite put your finger on what is not working but getting ready in the morning is always a hassle? Moving home and freaking out about the quantity of things to pack?

You’re in luck, that is our specialty! We work with you to make home feel like home again, at your own pace, the way you want it done. We understand everyone’s home is special to them and we all have different habits. We do not follow a cookie cutter approach and put systems in place that work for you, to avoid disorganisation coming back to haunt you. We LOVE what we do and take pride in our work. We never judge, always enjoy a good laugh and are partial to puppies. If you want to know more about how home organising & decluttering sessions unfold, read our recent blog post. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

  • One day at a time
  • $510/mo
  • A short day package to get you started or for a small space

    • A free 15 minutes assessment and game plan chat with you
    • Your sidekick to help declutter and organise your main problem area without watching the clock
    • One session to be redeemed on 1 day
    • 1h total travel from Brisbane CBD
    • Charity donations taken on the spot

  • It takes 2 to tango
  • $980/mo
  • Kickstart the change in 2 sessions

    • A free 20 minutes assessment and game plan chat with you
    • Your own unicorn without time constraints to reorganise, declutter and implement systems to fit your lifestyle
    • Up to 2 sessions to be redeemed over a maximum of 2 days
    • 1h total travel from Brisbane CBD
    • Charity donations taken on the spot

  • Four a tidy home
  • $1880/mo
  • Let us work our unicorn magic with our most popular package

    • A free 20 minutes assessment and game plan chat with you
    • Your own unicorn without time constraints to organise, declutter and implement systems which fit your lifestyle
    • Up to 4 sessions to be redeemed over a maximum of 4 days
    • 1h total travel from Brisbane CBD
    • Charity donations taken on the spot

  • The Real Deal
  • $3650/mo
  • Want your home to go from 0 to hero? This is the package for you!

    • A free 30 minutes assessment and game plan chat with you
    • This package is perfect for those who want their home to be thoroughly organised, preparing for a move into a new home, downsizing or handling a deceased estate.
    • Up to 8 sessions over up to 8 days
    • 1h30 travel from Brisbane CBD
    • Disposal of a full capacity van of unwanted items
    • Donations taken on the spot

  • One-off hourly rate
  • $340/mo
    • An hourly rate for those short and sweet jobs, a highly-targeted problem area or those who are not sure if they would like to commit.
    • Minimum of 4 hours per booking for $340, hourly rate of $75 per hour thereafter
    • Donations taken on the spot
    • Extra travel fees may apply for suburbs over 1 hour of travel time from Brisbane CBD

  • Want a little something extra?
  • $Quote/mo
    • We can travel to (almost) anywhere, just enquire and add a small travel fee if required
    • A lot of junk for the dump? We can take it off your hands – fees may apply depending on volume and items
    • Want to get some money back but do not have time to handle the selling process? We sell items on behalf of our clients frequently – ask us about it!

Managing a deceased estate? We certainly can help.

In most cases, our “the Real Deal” package is the most suited. However, feel free to contact us for a customised quote. We understand that those situations can be very upsetting and unfortunately not everyone can take the time they need to take care of an entire home. We can also work on our own to streamline the process so you can focus on the essential when you can. We are more than happy to support you in any way we can, so feel free to get in touch with us to discuss.

Stuff & Things – Planning & Coordination: Admin, Travel, Bookings & much more…

Is it legal? If you answered yes, then we can help you, whatever your job is!

We routinely take care of a multitude of tasks for individuals and corporate. We can manage your appointments, arrange a cleaner to get your house sparkling clean before your mother in law visits, book the trip of a lifetime in Europe, research the best insurance company for your family, snap those movie tickets for date night, reply to the booking requests of your Airbnb, fix you a budget spreadsheet to help your savings… Really, the sky is the limit!

We believe in a fair system, so we work out our fee on a custom quote basis. Get in touch to find out how we can free your time and take those tasks you have been putting off since 2015 off your hands.

Make it happen – Hands On: Shopping, Sales, Small moves & everything else…

Sometimes your organising is on point, but you still have that last thing you physically do not have time to get to yourself. We can go shopping to get that one item that you cannot get online. We can hold the line for what feels like 48 lives to ask that one question you need an answer to but cannot call during their reduced every-second-Monday-during-summer-equinox-opening-hours (always when you are at work!).

We can help for small moves (we tetris-pack like champions too!) and tip runs with our large van. As home organisers, we are also often asked to help sell unwanted items so from a $5 overly loved toy to a huge business stock, we have the experience you need. If we cannot provide the service, then we can organise someone who will for you! Contact us so we can see how we can help.

Black Suits – Unicorn to Business: Corporate Services…

Is someone always grabbing the reception’s stapler? Does your storage room give you nightmares? Is your filing system so unpractical none of the staff can actually explain it? Are you looking to maximise efficiency & space in the workspace?

We may have a quirky brand, but we are really serious about organisation, efficiency and workflow. With decades of experience in hospitality, function venues, disorganised corporate offices, overly regimented offices and a resident spatial designer, we can help you get the most of your space and multimedia storage. Get in touch to see how we can assist.

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